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Giving Back

Volunteer your time and expertise to inspire current USW students and recent graduates.

Interested in Volunteering?

Here at USW, we really value your time. We’re a community that loves to inspire current students as well as recent graduates with our network of exceptional graduates.

Giving back to USW through volunteering activities such as one-off talks, mentoring partnerships, panel events or featuring on our social channels goes a long way. Whether you have a busy schedule, or a bit more free time, we have opportunities to suit you. 

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sam vake bts

As a vital part of our alumni community, Sam has had several interns since starting up, including USW students, where he offers them a more practical experience to develop their skill set.

Chelsea gives back at panel events


Since starting her PhD in 2017 Chelsea has been a valuable part of USW’s alumni community giving back her time delivering talks to post-graduate students whenever she can.  

Would you like to volunteer?


We fit volunteering around you and are grateful for any time you give. Whether you give a talk, fill out a Q+A or become a mentor, your time is important to us.

All artwork on the USW Alumni website is graduate work. 

Image credits:

Banner image: Alison Howard

Left to right: Sam Padget, Chelsea Courts, Lily Watts