BA Photojournalism graduate Sam Padget now runs a micro-production house based In London, creating documentary-style web content for small-medium size businesses as well as longer on-spec projects. As a vital part of our alumni community, Sam has had several interns since starting up, including USW students, where he offers them a more practical experience to develop their skill set.


Everyone needs some hands-on experience, and it can be tricky to find…I found it very useful having an extra pair of hands, but also, I know Matt my intern has gone on to use a lot of the video editing skills I taught him. 

He was able to get more practice on skills doing them full time for a couple of weeks than he would have with a briefer introduction on a course. It's also good for interns to work on a genuine, real-world project to sharpen skills.

sam vake bts


I'd highly recommend volunteering and taking on an intern to employers - it's a great opportunity to hone your leadership and training skills. I typically work alone so it was great to have a sounding board and really test my processes and workflows to ensure they were clear and efficient. Having an intern is also a great way to maintain a relationship with my old University and Lecturers. 

Any advice for alumni thinking about volunteering with us?

You just need to take into account there will be a learning curve and allow time for that.