At the University of South Wales, we offer a breadth of qualifications that have been designed to lead to professional registration and employment within healthcare. These include degrees in nursing and midwifery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and operating department practice.


Our approach to teaching is to fully immerse students in the world of healthcare, with learning and teaching that spans theory and practice, and ensures our students are given the best possible preparation for their future careers.

Our Clinical Simulation Centre has been purpose-built with this in mind. Students learn beyond the classroom in simulated environments before undertaking supervised placements.
Practice makes Practitioner

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Healthcare can occur in a range of settings with different care needs presented by each patient, whether this be pre-hospital, through primary care at a GP Practice, in the community at a patient’s own home. 

There are many specialist healthcare professions each requiring different skills and strengths. At the University of South Wales you can study degrees that span nursing, midwifery and the allied health professions.  Watch our healthcare videos to help you decide where you can make the biggest difference to those who need care.

Adult Nurse

Adult nurses need a special combination of compassion and organisation to care for people and improve their quality of life. It’s not easy work, so you’ll need a true commitment to helping adolescents and adults with a

range of health issues and challenges.

Course length: Three years

Delivery: Full-time


Caring for newborns to adolescents, you’ll need to extend your thoughtfulness and compassion to also care for their families. Excellent

listening and communication skills are vital, so you can include everyone in the decisions you make and inform the care you provide.

Course length: Three years

Delivery: Full-time


Learning disability nurses need a fundamental commitment to social inclusion for vulnerable people and promoting the rights of those in their care.

Course length: Three years

Delivery: Full-time


Helping people when they are at their most fragile takes compassion, care and respect. The ability to engage with those in your care is essential, from children and young people through to older patients, as well as their families.

Course length: Three years

Delivery: Full-time


Patience, the instinct to care for others and good observation skills will serve you well as a midwife. But it’s your emotional and mental strength that will make you great.

Course length: Three years

Delivery: Full-time


Patient support, safety and welfare are at the heart of your role as an Operating Department Practitioner. It requires people who are good at communicating and able to provide respectful care.

Course length: Three years

Delivery: Full-time


Occupational therapists work with people who are finding everyday meaningful activities, ‘occupations’, difficult to do, because of personal illness, disability, and/or because of environmental barriers such as homelessness.  

Course length: Four years

Delivery: Part-time



Physiotherapists are there to be supportive and encouraging during each person’s journey in reaching their potential. Excellent communication and people are needed to explain conditions and treatments, with strong planning skills needed to deliver them.

Course length: Four years

Delivery: Part-time

Healthcare Pocket Guide

Download our healthcare pocket guide

In any discipline, you need to be motivated to help others, able to take responsibility, be a team worker, be good at listening and communicating, keep learning, have a positive attitude and be trustworthy.

In this booklet, you’ll also discover that specific personal strengths and qualities are needed for different healthcare roles.

Our healthcare booklet highlights what kind of person is needed for each specific role, to help you decide which path to take and understand where you can make the most significant difference to those who need your care.

By focusing on your abilities and experience in relation to what is required for your chosen role, your personal statement and application to study will be much stronger. You’ll be able to demonstrate that you have what it takes and make your application the best it can be.


The need for skilled healthcare professionals is greater than ever. That’s why places on our healthcare courses are currently funded by the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme.

This NHS funding package covers all your course fees, as well as offering grants, bursaries and loans to help with living and travel costs while you study. To receive this funding, students have to commit to working in Wales for two years after completing their degree. You can find out more on the student money pages of our website or on the NHS Wales website. 

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