Applicant Support

Recruitment system queries

Use the ‘Forgotten your password’ link at the bottom of the ‘Existing user log in’ page. You will need to enter your username which is the email address you previously gave us. A password reset link will be emailed to you, but also check your junk mail just in case.  
If you are an existing Employee, access the Recruitment Portal via iTrent ESS (Employee Self Service)

Sometimes, we take our recruitment system offline to perform essential upgrades and maintenance to keep your data secure and to make improvements. This is usually for a short period and is mostly on a weekend, but occasionally it can take one or two days.

Dates of our scheduled maintenance

We try to avoid closing any recruitment campaigns around this time, so this shouldn’t affect your application, but email [email protected] if you need any assistance.

You may have previously applied using our old recruitment system. Our new Applicant Portal went live in April 2021, so you will have to register as a new user.

Review the Application Summary page and ensure that all sections have been completed - this will be indicated by a check mark instead of a circle against each section as shown in the example above.

There may also be a message advising of issues with your application displayed at the top of the page, an example of this might be -

Take appropriate action based on the message given.

Print your application using the “Print Preview” option on the main applicant summary Page. Then email [email protected] with your application form and they will ensure this is included.

This usually occurs when copying formatted text from a document like MS word, especially if the information is held in a table. Please copy and paste the text into Notepad or other text editor as this will remove any formatting, allowing the text to be pasted into the criteria selection box. If this isn’t successful, please email [email protected]

This error message appears when you may have logged into the applicant portal multiple times. Ensure all tabs are closed or even close your browser, it can also happen when you close the web page without logging out. 

To resolve the issue, you can clear out the browser cache, the link below will help you do this

You can change the address where communications are sent by clicking on “My Profile” and then the “Click here to update your personal details” link.

  • Username (don’t change this: it is your login)
  • Title (Mrs, Mrs …)
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Email Address
  • Confirm Email Address

Ideally, any browser will work, but Chrome will give the best experience when applying.

Recruitment Process queries

If a vacancy doesn’t specifically ask you to provide a CV or further information, these will not be used as part of the shortlisting process.

For some vacancies, a CV can be submitted instead of an application form and this will be clearly marked on the job advert. Other vacancies may include an option to submit a CV to supplement your application form. The panel shortlisting a position for interview will check whether you meet the person specification for the role, as outlined in the job description, so you would be advised to ensure you have evidenced how you meet the criteria in the Supporting Information page of your application form and/or your CV. If you don’t provide written evidence of meeting the criteria, we may not have enough information to progress your application.

If you are submitting a CV, we ask that you anonymise any identifiable personal information from the document. See How do I anonymise my CV?

If you’re submitting a CV to apply for a role at USW or PSS Ltd, whether by itself or as supporting information alongside an application form, we ask that you anonymise any identifiable personal information from your CV. 

Names are not the only piece of information about individuals which can influence how recruitment decisions are made. The process of removing or hiding personal identifying information from recruitment has been shown to reduce unconscious bias inferred from details about race, gender, age, disability*, social and educational background in shortlisting decisions and to improve the success rate of candidates from under-represented groups. We automatically anonymise identifiable personal information from all colleague application forms during the application and shortlisting stages so your information will be treated in the same way. 

* As a ‘Disability Confident’ employer, we guarantee that all disabled applicants who meet all the key criteria for the job vacancy they are applying for are offered an interview. Therefore, if you are applying under the scheme this information will be visible to the shortlisting panel.

Things to remove:

  • Name
  • Address/location
  • Email address
  • Photographs
  • Education places and dates
  • Hobbies

When saving your CV remember to give it a title which doesn’t include your name or other identifying information.

As you go through the application process use the links at the bottom of the page to either

  • Save and go to the previous page
  • Save and go back to the Applicant Summary page
  • Save and go to the next page

Once submitted, you will automatically receive an acknowledgement advising that the application has been submitted successfully.

If you do not receive this conformation, check your junk mail and that the email address you have provided is correct.  If the email has been sent to junk it is advisable to set our email address as not junk, so any further emails sent to you do not go to your junk mailbox

Alternatively, use the “My Applications” link on the recruitment Portal and ensure the application is listed. If your application is listed under the ‘In progress applications’ section, click on ‘Update’ ensure that all sections of the application form have been completed, then click on “Apply”.

It is strongly recommended that you preview your application form and check the details thoroughly prior to submitting. Once an application has been submitted it cannot be edited, however, if you do need to change anything, contact [email protected]

We can add additional documentation in support of your application, or we can withdraw your application, you will then be able to resubmit a new application if you still wish to be considered for the vacancy, subject to the deadline for applications not having expired.

You will receive an email from us, or we advise candidates to look at the “My Applications” link on your Applicant Portal to see the status of your application.

Once shortlisting has been completed, you will be advised by email on the progress of your application - If you do not receive an email conformation, check your junk mail and that the email address you have provided is correct.  If the email has been sent to junk it is advisable to set our email address as not junk, so any further emails sent to you do not go to your junk mailbox

Feedback on applications or interviews can be provided by contacting the named individual on the advert / job details.