Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) provide access to academic expertise for businesses who want to grow, innovate or improve their economic performance.

It involves a three-way collaboration between a company or organisation; an academic team and a skilled graduate. KTPs place a high-calibre graduate, known as an Associate, in an organisation to deliver a project of strategic importance to the business. The Associate graduate is employed and jointly supervised by an academic expert/mentor from the University of South Wales along with a senior member of the organisation.

Projects are focused on embedding new knowledge and capabilities within an organisation so that it can be used and exploited to achieve growth objectives.

Improve Profitability

A KTP could increase your profits through access to new markets, new product development and increased productivity.

Embedding knowledge

A KTP will provide an opportunity to embed new knowledge and expertise into your business and close identified skills gaps.

competitive advantage

Through working in partnership with academic expertise, a KTP can improve your business processes and performace.

Efficiency & optimisation

A KTP could assist in improving your business performance by achieving aspiring and innovative solutions to identified challenges.

How do KTPs work?

Projects last between twelve months and three years and are supported with between 50 and 67% funding, depending on the size of the company. KTPs not only support business growth and innovation, they also provide the graduate with the skills and experience to develop a professional career.

Why now?

KTPs are part-funded by Government and SME’s based in Wales can currently benefit from a 75% contribution to an eligible KTP until March 2023 which can make a KTP project very cost-effective. Non-SME businesses benefit from a 50% grant contribution.

Why USW?

At USW, we have a strong track record of KTPs. We have been involved with KTPs since they were launched, and have completed over 100 successful projects. Our experience allows us to make the process as easy as possible in terms of accessing the funding and USW offers dedicated support to businesses to ensure that each project is managed efficiently and has the greatest possibility of success.

How we work with industry

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