Midwifery Degree

The University of South Wales offers both undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery courses. When you graduate, you can register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

At the University of South Wales you’ll learn by doing. We’ve got simulated maternity wards on campus and hospital placements are a big part of your learning. You’ll get all the support you need too, with tutors and mentors at the University and on placements. 

On the Midwifery degree, you will learn in our impressive health facilities. Our Clinical Simulation Centre replicates clinical environments for education and training. You’ll use the same equipment you will find in healthcare settings, and work on patient simulators that mimic the body’s reactions to illness, care and treatment.

Part of the Centre is dedicated to teaching midwifery and childcare skills. We have advanced birthing and maternal simulators that imitate various stages of pregnancy and related scenarios, including birth, and breech presentations.

The University prides itself on the support it gives to students on the Midwifery degree, both practically and emotionally. We employ a student support adviser –a tutor who students can go to in confidence. Every student has a personal tutor and a module supervisor. During clinical placements students are fully supported by a qualified Midwife who acts as a ‘mentor’.