New and Emerging Psychologist Careers

There are lots of career paths in the field of psychology beyond some of the more traditional careers. Detailed below are some of the new and emerging careers out there, complemented with further information regarding opportunities available  at the University designed to make you more employable and support your future career aspirations.

Careers in Brief


This career will involve working with individuals who have had some kind of brain injury or who suffer from a neuropathological condition such as Alzheimer ’s disease.  Clinical Neuropsychologists would be involved in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of such individuals. To specialise in Clinical Neuropsychology you would firstly need to be a Chartered Psychologist within the Clinical or Educational field.

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Coaching Psychology

Coaching psychology involves working with individuals to enhance well-being and performance in personal life and work domains, underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established adult and child learning or psychological approaches. To become a registered coaching psychologist, you must first become a BPS Chartered Psychologist and be able to demonstrate ongoing supervision of your coaching psychology practice.

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Environmental Psychology

This area of psychology is concerned with how our physical surroundings affect our psychological state. For example, there is a body of research indicating that green spaces within an inner city environment can reduce stress.  To become an Environmental Psychologist you would need a postgraduate qualification in this area.

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Marketing or Consumer Psychology

This area of psychology involves the use of psychological principles to understand, predict and manipulate consumer behaviour.  For example, why do consumers choose a specific brand of baked beans over another?  To begin a career in marketing or consumer psychology you would usually need to obtain a postgraduate qualification in this area.

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Animal and Pet Psychology

A career in this area might involve working with animals with behavioural problems, working in animal welfare or in wildlife protection. This career often crosses the boundaries between psychology, animal behaviour and veterinary medicine. Postgraduate study in animal behaviour or related programme, perhaps even leading to a PhD, would provide a good starting point for such a career.

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