USW Therapy


Thanks to additional funding from Newport City Council, we are offering  free, 1:1 confidential counselling for parents, legal guardians or carers living in Newport. Please use the button below to refer or contact us for further information: [email protected]

USWTherapy is a therapeutic service, offering a range of psychological therapies to professionals, businesses, third sector organisations and members of the public alike. 
For anyone seeking Counselling, we are able to offer face-to-face counselling or remote counselling sessions via telephone or video calls. 
To refer yourself, or on behalf of someone else, please visit the 'Book an Appointment' section of this webpage.

Client Testimonials

'I found that just coming and speaking to my counsellor every week has helped me significantly by helping get my thoughts and worries off my chest and look on the positive side of things.'
It has helped me to stand up for myself more, and believe in myself, more confidence. I have learnt to plan my activities better, to reduce stress and anxiety.'