Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

The University of South Wales (USW) Group is committed to mainstreaming equality and diversity throughout all its activities, as well as meeting the general and specific duties imposed on it through the legislation. This policy statement builds upon the Group’s vision and strategic priorities.

This policy statement outlines our commitment to ensure that every job applicant, course applicant, student, employee, visitor or contractor should be treated fairly and this protection is extended based on association and perception to age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex, or sexual orientation. The University of South Wales Group wishes to promote and sustain a culture where mutual trust and respect are the foundation for working relationships while at work or at study. The Group has Dignity at Work and Dignity at Study Policies which can be found on the institutions’ web-pages.

The promotion of equality and diversity is a duty and a challenge to everyone, whether student, employee, governor, or any person or organisation which provides services for, or in partnership with, the Group. In practical terms this means that everyone must treat others fairly and with dignity and respect. The Group will address any issues of discrimination or inappropriate practice and will foster staff awareness through a programme of staff development. All staff and students are actively encouraged to challenge and report any incidents of discrimination. All aspects of student or staff life are governed by this statement.

The University of South Wales Group’s overall commitment to Equality and Diversity

The USW Group will:

  • Aim to create an environment that is an inclusive place to work and study where an individual’s personal characteristics do not create barriers for them in any aspect of their work or study.
  • Ensure that all policies, procedures and strategies reflect the Group’s commitment to equality.
  • Expect all staff, students and visitors to treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Expect committees and other working groups to have due regard to the diversity of their membership and to consider the impact of their decisions on those with protected characteristics.
  • Expect all staff and students to be aware of equality issues and take responsibility for their actions both individually and collectively.
  • Ensure that all of its learning and teaching provision is accessible and inclusive.
  • Not tolerate behaviour which results in the creation of an intimidating and hostile working or study environment.