Guaranteed Accommodation

The University offers a guarantee of accommodation in the halls of residence for all new students starting at the University. 

The guarantee means that full time students will receive an offer of accommodation based, as closely as possible, on the information and preferences* they have provided in their accommodation application.

*we are unable to offer family accommodation at this time


Who is guaranteed accommodation?

  • New home undergraduate or postgraduate students - first year of study
  • International postgraduate students - first year of study
  • International undergraduate students - full duration of studies
  • Pre-sessional language students
  • Under 18 – students (must be at least 17)

What is required to make sure that I am guaranteed accommodation?

  • You meet the eligibility criteria 
  • You need to have made USW your firm choice of University by 10th June 2021
  • New students must apply for accommodation by the 16th July in the year their course will begin
  • The application must be for single occupancy room, therefore you must be unaccompanied
  • You must accept the offer of accommodation within the deadline, which is usually 4 days after the offer is made