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After consideration of the strategic direction of the University of South Wales, the Senior Management Team of the USW-UNICAF partnership, have announced an end to their Partnership.  Any promotions for recruitment of new students for the University of South Wales online courses with UNICAF will formally end on 30th November 2019.  As of 1st December 2019, all promotional campaigns will be transferred to UNICAF’s portfolio of new partners.  Recruitment of any new USW students will cease on April 30th 2020 so any applicants currently in process, or about to begin the application process will be honoured until that date. 

The Partnership remains committed to all existing students currently embarked on their studies who will be given the opportunity to complete their awards, through a teach-out phase designed to assure a good student experience for all those continuing with USW.  There will be no change for any current student, or any student who enrols with us by 30th April 2020.

The University of South Wales is committed to providing flexible study options for students. This provides opportunities to bring together study, work and leisure to enrich life-wide learning experiences.  The flexibility of approach enables you to learn whenever and wherever you wish to.  You will gain a University of South Wales degree when you successfully complete your course.

We offer a variety of online undergraduate and postgraduate courses directly (check our course pages)

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