Short Taster Courses

Thinking about studying a degree, but unsure whether USW is right for you? Our short taster courses cover a variety of topics to introduce you to your chosen area of study and give you a glimpse into how you will learn at USW. 

Taster courses are a great way of experiencing what USW has to offer and give you a better idea of what it is like to study here. All our courses are delivered online and are presented by lecturers at the University, with each consisting of a comprehensive mix of interactive tasks, video tutorials and practical examples.

Taster courses vary in length, but you can stop, resume or replay the taster course at any time once you’ve started. You can also track your progress during each course.

Sports Taster Courses

Sport Taster Courses

Policing Taster Courses


Chiropractic Taster Courses

Chiropractic Short Taster Courses

Criminology Taster Courses

Criminology Short Course

Psychology Taster Courses

psychology short courses

Youth and Community Work Courses

Youth and Community Work Course