Sports Taster Courses

Considering turning your passion for sport into a degree? From coaching to health, our taster courses cover a variety of topics to show you what you could learn if you choose USW.

Using video tutorials, practical examples and informal tasks, our lecturers will give you an introduction to sports with USW. Prospective students can look at football or rugby coaching, sports injuries, the cardio-respiratory system and more with our online short taster courses which range from 25 minutes up to around three hours.  

Our sports taster courses are a great way to experience what USW has to offer while getting an idea of whether it is the right place for you. Need a break after kick-off? Our courses can be stopped, resumed and replayed at any time once you’ve started.


Introduction to football coaching

Introduction into Football Coaching

This introductory football coaching taster course contains a mixture of topics that introduce some fundamental principles and philosophies of football coaching through a range of video tutorials and informal tasks. 

Course tutor: Grant Kalahar

Course duration: 60 mins

Sport Taster Courses

Preventing Sport Injuries

Our Preventing Sport Injuries taster course contains a mixture of topics that provide an insight into the cost, impact and preventative measures for sports injuries, and further insight into the field of sport and exercise therapy. 

Course tutor: Kate Williams

Course duration: 25 mins

Rugby Coaching and Performance Taster Course

Introduction to Rugby Coaching and Performance 

This introductory rugby coaching course contains a mix of interactive tasks and tutorials that cover a range of topics in rugby coaching including characteristics and behaviours of an effective coach to performance and tactical analysis. 

Course tutor: Ioan Paval

Course duration: 3hrs 30 mins

Cardio Respiratory System Taster Course

Introduction to the Cardio-Respiratory System

This taster course into the study of sport and exercise science will guide you through oxygen’s journey through the human body, introducing you to the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems with tutorials and demos from our specialist labs.

Course tutor: Trevor Harris

Course duration: 1hr 40 mins

Sports taster course

Introduction to Strength and Conditioning

This introductory course contains a mix of interactive tasks and tutorials that explore the field of strength and conditioning and the pivotal role specialist coaches play in improving elite performance through identifying and delivering strength training associated with a range of sports professions.

Course tutor: Peter Ashcroft

Course duration: 1hr 45 mins

Strength and Conditioning taster day

Advance your coaching in Strength and Conditioning

This short taster course contains a mix of interactive tasks and tutorials that cover the key concepts and frameworks of strength and conditioning with a focus on the skills you need to be successful to progress in the profession.

Course tutor: Richard Clarke

Course duration: 1hr 45 mins

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