Policing Taster Courses

Thinking of a career in the police but unsure which route to take? Learn about the role of the police and the criminal justice system, and the types of skills you’ll need to progress into the profession, through USW’s range of policing taster courses. 

Lecturers use a mixture of video tutorials and interactive tasks as they deliver an insight into what you could be studying on one of our policing degrees as well as what you can expect from a career fighting crime – whether that’s as a police officer, PCSO or a police analyst. 

The policing taster courses, which vary in length from 30 minutes to more than an hour, are a fantastic way to experience what USW has to offer while getting an idea of whether it's the right place for you. You can stop, resume and replay the online courses at any time once you’ve started.

Policing Taster Courses


Introduction to Professional Policing

This taster course introduces the role of the police and the criminal justice system and covers topics such as theft, treatment of victims and missing persons. The course is delivered through video tutorials and interactive tasks. 

Course tutor: Helen Martin 

Course duration: 1hr 20mins 

policing knowledge check

Policing Knowledge Check

This short taster course contains a mix of interactive tasks and tutorials focusing on some basic knowledge and skills that will support your progression into the profession.

Course Tutor: Helen Martin

Course duration: 30 mins

policing taster course

Policing Vulnerability: Domestic Abuse

Policing matters relating to vulnerability, in particular domestic abuse, are a sensitive issue for many. Through a series of video tutorials and interactive tasks, this short taster course will introduce you to the approaches undertaken across the profession to protect the most vulnerable individuals in society.

Course Tutor: Alun Davies, Huw Smart

Course duration: 1 hr

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