Psychology Plus: Recognition

Psychology Plus: RecognitionThe following section has a focus on the opportunities available to students to undertake training, work experience or paid employment with an organisation external to the University of South Wales.  

This could include experience working with mental health professionals and client groups, undertaking NHS online training or supporting young people in need. 

NHS E-Learning & Development

This NHS e-learning resource provides online training in health and psychology related areas. There are currently 9 programmes of relevance to psychology, with more being added regularly.

From basic awareness to more comprehensive training, these programmes cover subjects including; Safeguarding Children and Adults Levels; Dealing with Violence and Aggression and techniques in Positive Behavioural Support.  On successful completion of a programme students are awarded a certificate. 

Careers: Social and Welfare professions, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology

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NHS E-Learning and Development

Duration: Dependant on programme
Time of Opportunity: Anytime
Availability of Places: Unlimited
Key Contact: [email protected]

Elevate Coaching & Mentoring Placement

This opportunity gives you a chance to make a real impact in the lives of younger teenagers aged between 11-16 at the risk of disengagement due to personal issues. This role is really useful for those who want to experience working in personal development, counselling, therapy, educational settings, and youth work. There are research opportunities that can be pursued through this placement. 

As part of this placement you will learn core coaching and mentoring skills that are transferable into all one-to-one working alliances. You will use assessment tools that identify self-concept and self-esteem. Additionally, you will explore the use of techniques, resources and approaches to empower young people to take positive steps towards wellbeing, engagement and better futures. You will be required to have a DBS check as this placement involves working with children.

Careers: Counselling, Educational Psychology, Youth Work

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psychology plus opportunity with elevate.png

Duration: Minimum 1 hour a week for 10 weeks in placement. Training is 2.5 days.
Time of Opportunity: Spring and Summer terms
Availability: 1 Cohort of up to 30 – flexible arrangements after training.



React Support Services (Paid employment)

React Support Services provide 24-hour residential support and rehabilitation for vulnerable adults between the ages of 18 and 64.  They utilise a 3 Stage Recovery Model which supports and encourages individuals to re-learn and develop the necessary daily living skills and activities that will enhance their sense of self-worth, enabling them to move towards independence.  There are opportunities to work with React as Support Workers who would play a crucial role in providing a high standard of care and support for vulnerable adults in a variety of environments. 

Careers: Clinical Psychology, Social and Welfare professions, Nursing

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React Support Services logo cropped.jpgDuration: Depends on placement
Time of Next Opportunity: All year
Availability: Depends on placement
Key Contact: [email protected]


Depends on organisation
Time of Opportunity: Depends on organisation
Availability of Places: Depends on organisation

Please contact the organisations themselves via their website. Any problems, email [email protected]

Career Pathways

A degree in psychology can take you into a range of interesting careers when you graduate. Find out more about the typical careers graduates find themselves in, and how we can support your route into the profession:

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Psychology Plus Opportunities

Our aim is to offer you the widest selection of added value opportunities to complement your studies. Select a category to see even more related opportunities available as part of the Psychology Plus scheme:

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