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March 2022 will see our 9th Annual Wales Coaching Conference go online for the second time. The conference has the theme of ‘Leader performance’ and will take place on Thursday 10th March 2022.  

Building on the quality and reputation of our previous face-to-face conferences and last years’ 3-day virtual “CoachFest”, this year you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Learn from practitioners making an impact in different systems and settings all over the world 
  • Hear the latest thinking from more global thought leaders  
  • Avoid the dreaded conference ‘FOMO’ feeling. All keynotes and presentations will be recorded and available to view both during and after the event so you don’t need to miss anything 
  • Network with colleagues you would normally never get to meet 

The world in which we live and work is changing so rapidly that it is often hard to manage the change in meaningful and productive ways. 

The pressure to perform, for agility and speed across an organisation, grows continually.  And, at a time when the culture of compliance is shifting towards a culture of self-expression, this creates a tension, which few have the tools to manage. 

Leader performance is business driven, results focussed and drives development.  

Leadership coaching helps prepare leaders so they can better anticipate the challenges they will face, it also provides valuable support for employees, helping them adjust and adapt to new ways of working. 

This year's conference will focus on this theme, and how we enable our leaders to get meaningful results. 

The Wales Coaching Conference brings together coaches, coaching psychologists, and coaching supervisors, facilitators and other leadership professionals to encourage discussion, engagement and confidence in Coaching for the future and to be an enabling, learning space. 

This event is open to everyone involved in coaching practice, whether at the start of your coaching career or as a seasoned practitioner.  

Join us in virtually meeting up with your Coaching community with plenty of opportunities to network, catch up, and share experiences and knowledge.

You will hear from leading practitioners and academics in the field of Coaching and Mentoring.

You will gain full access to a schedule of interactive, online masterclasses, all designed to demonstrate practical and innovative thinking that you can apply immediately into your role.

The sessions will be recorded and made available post-conference. 

Myles Downey

Keynote: Leader Performance

A leader’s performance in central to the success of an organization, particularly in fast-changing times. But few leaders know fully what it takes to perform to their highest levels. 
Leader Performance Coaching provides a ‘scaffolding’ for the coach to safely help a leader explore the upper reaches of their potential - to deliver results. In the keynote we will explore these elements through presentation and discussion. Performance coaching necessitates that the coach moves out of a purely ‘non-directive’ role, bringing challenge and guidance to the process, and this will also be explored.


Myles Downey is an acknowledged authority on Performance, Coaching and Leadership. As business performance coach he has worked at C-suite level for 25 years, focused on Leader Performance.  An author, he has written three classics in the coaching and performance arena, ‘Effective Modern Coaching’, ‘Effective Coaching’ and most recently ‘Enabling Genius – a mindset for success in the 21st Century’.  His next book ‘The Enabling Manager’ will be published in June this year.  He was the Founder of the acclaimed institution, The School of Coaching, 1996 

Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Keynote: Making the transition from surviving to thriving  

In this session, Christian will argue that it is important for people to be intentional about their wellbeing during the challenging times we're living in. The session will share insights and research-informed techniques from positive psychology that can support people to move from "surviving to thriving".  


Christian van Nieuwerburgh is Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Global Director of Growth Coaching International. He has taught coaching and positive psychology at a number of universities and has delivered workshops, seminars and keynote addresses at conferences globally. He is a well-published author in the fields of coaching and positive psychology having written numerous books, chapters and journal articles.

Tess Cope

Founder, The Transformation Agency


This masterclass will explore the systemic approach to uncovering limiting patterns, how to acknowledge them respectfully whilst not overwhelming the client. The overall aim is to provide you with a range of systemic tools and create space for practical application. 


Tess is a leadership coach with over 25 years experience in cultural transformation and leadership development and has worked with leadership teams across the globe. She is founder of The Transformation Agency and author of ‘Harness; A Systemic Approach’.  

Professor Brendan Cropley

Professor of Sport Coaching, University of South Wales 

Masterclass: Coping with stressors as a way of enhancing well-being and performance 

This masterclass will explore the concept of stress and coping as a way of understanding how we might manage mental well-being and thriving on a daily basis. Specifically, stress will be explored as a transactional process that is mediated by an individual's assessment of the demands they experience, personal resources, and coping abilities. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of this process on an individual's mental well-being and how the effectiveness of coping mechanisms plays a significant role in adaptive responses and subsequent human performance. 


Brendan is the Head of the Centre for Football Research in Wales and the Coaching Science Lead for the Welsh Institute of Performance Science Research Steering Group. Brendan's research interests focus on the development of professional practice in different disciplines, specifically sport coaching and sport psychology. It is in these disciplines that he has made a significant contribution, providing a range of consultancy services to athletes, coaches, and support staff on a range of personal (e.g., well-being) and performance (e.g., coping with demands to thrive) issues. 

Myles Downey 

Masterclass: Lead – Manage – Coach 

The management culture in most large organisation is founded in ‘Command-and-Control’.  This doesn’t work so well in the 21st Century because people have a greater sense of their own autonomy and are less respectful of authority.  It also doesn’t work because Command-and-Control tends to create a climate of fear and suppression, and that undermines high performance.  Align-and-Enable is a management approach that creates the conditions for high performance and engagement, the core is Lead – Manage – Coach. In the masterclass we will explore these elements through presentation and discussion and explore how to move from Command-and-Control to Align-and-Enable. 
The masterclass is for anyone who leads teams, or who is responsible for performance and learning across a group of people.

Marie Edwards 

Learning & OD Manager, Swansea Bay University Health Board

Masterclass: Building resilience at work 

This masterclass will explore the relationship between the individual and the culture within which they work. How does culture affect our resilience and how can we, as coaches, encourage leaders to consider the impact of this on not just themselves, but the wider workforce. 

Participants will have the opportunity to explore what resilience means to them, identify what contributes or detracts from this and consider how they can promote enhanced resilience in both themselves and their teams with reference to workplace culture. 


Marie trained as a coach in 2009 when studying at USW where she completed the ILM L5 Coaching & Mentoring and L7 in Executive Coaching, later becoming a Coach Supervisor. She is accredited in several psychometric instruments and also an NLP Master Practitioner, both of which she finds extremely useful as tools to help support coaching clients. She is currently researching a PhD in Coaching Psychology at USW

Ana Paula Nacif 

Executive and group coach

Masterclass: Fostering collective power to support leaders 

This masterclass will explore the key principles of group coaching and team coaching and how these two modalities can be deployed to support leaders. We will look at the similarities and differences between these two practices, and consider the contexts in which they can be adopted. We will consider the benefits to clients and their organisations as well as the practical considerations when working with groups and teams for leadership development.


Dr Ana Paula Nacif is an experienced executive and group coach, consultant and facilitator, who works with individuals and organisations interested in improving wellbeing and leadership capabilities. She works with a range of clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. She is an EMCC-accredited master coach and coach supervisor and has completed a professional doctorate in coaching and mentoring, with a research focus on group coaching and wellbeing. She is also a part-time lecturer at the University of East London and co-editor of the Philosophy of Coaching journal.    

Joseph Sobol

Director, George Ewart Centre for Storytelling Research, University of South Wales 

Masterclass: Story telling Leadership: Coaching and mentoring 

A popular conception of storytelling in leadership and mentoring situations involves an heroic image aligned with that of the storytelling “performer.” In that imagining, a storytelling leader stands before a group and spins a grand story for them, one so perfectly chosen and surgically targeted that it transforms the group consciousness and inspires them to achieve their goals by and large the role of a storytelling coach or mentor in leadership training involves a reversal of this heroic polarity. In this workshop we will work with this concept of the storytelling coach, doing exercises to develop our own story awareness and explore ways to assist others to develop theirs.


Joseph is a storyteller, music-maker, folklorist and author. In 2017 he became Director of the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling Research at USW which is dedicated to promoting, teaching, developing and researching storytelling in all its forms.  

Darren Stevens 
Founder, Cognilibro 

Masterclass: Self-awareness in Leadership Coaching 

This masterclass will examine the linguistic patterns we can listen for when determining a client's level of self-awareness and how can we apply the right kind of scaffolding to develop the leader in the only direction that matters – Vertically.   

Delegates will be able to consider the need to understand levels of self-awareness as a key indicator of capacity and capability in the context of leadership and coaching. How are these levels useful, how can we pay attention to them in the moment and what happens if the coach is not capable of helping the Leader?  


Darren is the founder of CogniLibro and developer of Constructed Development Theory. Darren uses these new psychological ideas to develop teams and individuals. 

Arthur Turner/Andy Elson

Masterclass: Introversion in coaching

This workshop will be an exploration of the topic of introversion with two practitioner-academics. The evidence from the literature is conflicting and challenging, however, this workshop will give room to explore the topic.  

Based on recent and ongoing research, the session will present the core ideas and will be followed by an exploration of key factors and work with the opinions of the workshop to reach some tentative conclusions.   


Andy Elson is a lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire in HRM and Leadership. He is also a professional coach and his research interests include a focus on coaching and introversion. Arthur Turner is Co –Director of The Professional Development Centre. He is a leadership specialist working as an independent consultant in a wide variety of settings, both in the private and public sector organisations; having particular success as a coach, mentor, action learning facilitator, researcher and programme designer with emphasis on experiential variety as a sound trigger for learning. 

Jayne Woodman

Founder, The Menopause Team

Masterclass: The relationship between menopause, the glass ceiling and the role of coaching

This session will give delegates an understanding of the menopause and how it impacts (in particular) the performance of mid-life career women. Jayne will explore how contracting can play a pivotal role. This interactive session will allow attendees to consider their coaching in the context of this inevitable life stage. 


In 2019 I set up The Menopause Team to help employers and employees establish significantly better menopause outcomes for women and organisations. Jayne worked for blue chip companies for over twenty years in the field of Human Resource Management. As well as running The Menopause Team, I am a university lecturer and a career coach for women in mid-life.


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