Wales Coaching Conference

Evolution is termed as the process by which species adapt over time in response to their changing environment.  

This year's theme is all around Coaching Evolution and what that means to us as coach practitioners, and how that presents itself in the ever-changing world of today's leaders.  

Economic volatility, the climate crisis, and social justice issues impacting local communities continue to amplify one another in unpredictable ways. To truly grow as an organisation, leaders must continue to evolve personally and professionally, to better solve problems, innovate and gain alignment from different perspectives.  

We have a jam-packed schedule where we will delve into key focus areas of digital, sustainability and coaching skills for the future. 

The Wales Coaching Conference brings together coaches, coaching psychologists, coaching supervisors, facilitators and other leadership professionals to encourage discussion, engagement and confidence in Coaching for the future and to be an enabling, learning space.  

This event is open to everyone involved in coaching practice, whether at the start of your coaching career or as a seasoned practitioner. You will:

  • Hear the latest thinking from global thought leaders
  • Learn from practitioners making an impact in different systems and settings all over the world 
  • Gain access to recorded keynotes after the event, so you can rewatch anytime
  • Network face to face with likeminded coaches and practitioners

The 2023 conference is a face-to-face event where you’ll engage with leading practitioners and thought leaders in the fields of coaching and mentoring. 

You will gain full access to an exciting schedule of keynote speakers and interactive breakout workshops, all designed to demonstrate practical and innovative thinking that you can apply immediately within your role. Each of our keynote speakers will also be delivering workshops. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to network, catch up and share experiences and knowledge.

Jenny Rogers, Career and Executive Coach.

Keynote: Evolution – and revolution: a coaching journey 

In this keynote Jenny Rogers will look briefly back at how coaching began and how it has evolved into its present state. She will look at some of the myths and half-truths of the coaching profession and suggest how coaches might equip themselves for the future. 


Jenny Rogers is one of the UK’s most experienced executive coaches with 30 years of successful experience. She won the Henley Business School Award in 2019 for Outstanding Contribution to Coaching.  Her clients include Chief Executives and Directors of some of the UK’s best known organisations. Her book Coaching Skills: The definitive guide to being a coach is now in its fourth edition and is acknowledged internationally as the ‘Bible’ on how to coach successfully. As well as running her own practice, Jenny has trained many hundreds of coaches. She is a popular speaker, giving master-classes on coaching and allied subjects. She has a parallel career as a writer and editor, and 2021 saw the publication of two new books, one a book of coaching stories, Are You Listening?, published by Penguin Random House, the other a book for coaches called Coaching – What Really Works, which was published by Sage. 

Jane Adshead-Grant, Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator and Author, Ashvale Consultancy

Keynote: How do we evolve as coaches and how do we help our clients evolve their thinking?

A perspective on how we evolve as coaches. Delegates will take away an understanding of Five Levels of Listening, as well as a way to hold the unknown and go to the unexplored edge of our thinking. 


Jane’s purpose is to create the environment and leadership that enables growth and fulfilment. She does this through listening. Listening to ignite the best thinking, ideas and solutions in others. In her executive coach and facilitator roles she supports individuals and teams develop person-centric leadership and cultures where everybody matters generating people and business growth in harmony. She is a master credited coach with the ICF, global faculty member with Time to Think and an ambassador for Truly Human Leadership.

Jane is also author of The Listening Coach – Coach yourself through the elements of listening that critical in life, business and our communities and Are you Listening or Just Waiting to Speak?

You'll have the opportunity to select different workshops throughout the day. The streams focus on Coaching innovation, practical skills, and real-world examples of coaching in the workplace. 

Workshop Speakers confirmed so far: 

  • Michael Timpson, beanddo™ - Coaching for Conscious Change. 

Workshop: Removing the inner critic

Synopsis: My workshop will look at how we get in our own way. Not only in terms of authentic happiness but also in personal and career fulfillment. Modern Meditation is not so much something you do but who and what you are. It will help the practitioner recognize where and who the inner critic is and how its creating mental and emotional obstacles. The practice works by getting under self-made obstacles towards aligning with and tapping into the Self where true creative potential flows. 

  • Auriel Majumdar, EMCC Master Practitioner Coach and Coach Supervisor

Workshop: Creative Coaching

Synopsis: This interactive and experiential workshop will explore the use of creative techniques in coaching, why you might choose them, how to get creative and the benefits this can bring to your coachees. The workshop will offer a playful space to explore themes of change, creativity, and identity. There will be an opportunity to practice some creative coaching techniques and consider how these might be integrated into your own coaching practice.

  • Sam Isaacson CoachHub, Global Director of Consulting

Workshop: Technology and organisational maturity

Synopsis: A capability maturity model for using technology in delivering coaching within organisations. This will draw from good practice technology risk and benefits management standards, and established coaching professionalism and ethics.

  • Jane Adshead-Grant (also delivering a keynote)

Workshop: How to generate an inclusive culture of care enabling fine independent thinking

Synopsis: Experience embodying 5 components of the thinking environment, discover 3 applications to apply immediately with groups, and an effective framework for conducting group conversations

  • Jenny Rogers (also delivering a keynote)

Workshop: The Seductive Lure of Rescuing: How to recognise it as a coach and what to do instead

Synopsis: We go into coaching because we like people and want to help them. But ‘helping’ can shade into coaching behaviours that are not at all ‘helpful’ to clients. Come to this workshop to find out what ‘rescuing’ is, why we should avoid it and what to do instead to re-establish coaching boundaries.

  • Dr Ana Paula Nacif, Wellbeing and leadership coach/lecturer at the University of East London/Quantum Leap Coaching & Consultancy 

Workshop: Coaching in complex environments 

Synopsis: Many of us are working with clients tackling complex and sometimes 'wicked' issues. Systemic challenges have a significant impact on clients and their organisations. In this workshop, you'll explore: - coaching approaches to support clients working in challenging systems - limitations of coaching in complex environments - ethical and professional dilemmas.

  • Katherine Long, Principal Consultant at Evolution Coaching and Organsation Development 

Workshop: The power of ‘not yet’ (borrowed from Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset theory)

Synopsis: In this workshop you will connect to your own ‘not yet’ edge of learning and development, be introduced to approaches for working with impossible situations, and an experience of a somatic practice. Katherine will be drawing on learning from working with NHS staff and a London borough council and will briefly explore how methodologies such as Theory U can support emergent knowing, and be applied to facilitate powerful conversations for change at whole system through to individual levels. 

  • Paul Pivcevic, Consultant, coach and coach supervisor at Regenerative Partners

Workshop: Regenerative Practice

Synoposis: This workshop will introduce Regenerative Practice into coaching. This is a radical revisioning of how organisations are embedded within their systemic relationships, modelled on how living systems actually work. It is based in notions of 'essence' and 'wholeness' but also 'co-evolution' of human beings with Nature. Paul will lead us through a personal inquiry into the nature of our work as a doorway to imagining how we might evolve our coaching offer to our clients.

  • Dr Rachael Skew - Director of Cognus Coach 

Workshop: This workshop will cover acceptance and commitment coaching. This innovative psychological approach to coaching is underpinned by scientific evidence and has been shown to improve both performance and wellbeing for coaches.

  • Tanya Nash, Future Clarity 

Workshop: The workshop will explore the benefits of working with nature and natural cycles for both clients and coaches. We will consider how we can invite nature into our coaching conversations, to create a holistic coaching experience that helps integrate the inner mind and body within the external eco-system.

  • Sue Ling , Powys County Council , Communications and Engagement Lead

Workshop: ‘Super Vision’ - evolving supervision in an organisational setting 

The workshop will present a real life case study of the challenges and successes around introducing 'Super Vision' into an organisational coaching network. Sue will share her coaching story and passion for supervision and provide an insight into how coaching supervision could work for your organisation. The workshop will explore the challenges, the learning and the benefits that coaching supervision can bring. You’ll also have the chance to try out some peer supervision using one of the Seven Eyes.

Thursday 16th March 2023. Mercure Holland House Hotel and Spa, Cardiff.

2023 is a milestone year for Coaching at the University of South Wales as we celebrate a decade of the Wales Coaching Conference.  

The conference will explore Coaching’s evolution and what is working for our leaders we serve, now and the challenges we are due to face in future years to come. 


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