PSS is at the heart of USW, providing vital professional support services across the University

What is PSS/Professional and Support Services Limited?

Professional and Support Services Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of South Wales, which provides services to the University and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Since 2021, successful external candidates for professional services roles at the University have been employed by PSS Limited.


Who works for Professional and Support Services Limited?

There are over 300 people working for PSS at USW in a range of professional services roles: catering, administrative, marketing, finance, HR and managerial colleagues, all helping to transform the tomorrows of our students.


What’s the difference between working for USW and working for PSS Limited?

We’re a community at the University and we’re still working towards the same goals, the same USW 2030 Strategy and the same Core Values. We want everyone to feel part of it.

If you’re working for PSS Ltd at USW you’ll be working alongside USW and PSS colleagues helping students find their tomorrow: every single person working at USW or PSS Limited plays their part in the student journey. We literally transform people’s lives.


Who should I say I'm employed by?
You’ll be part of the USW community and we want you to be proud of it! On your CV and LinkedIn you’ll be able to say you are employed at PSS Ltd, working at the University of South Wales.


Will I be asked to work at the other universities or organisations PSS provides services to?

It would be rare for this to happen, but a PSS contract of employment does allow for someone employed by PSS Ltd to provide services to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Normally, once you are identified as providing services to the University of South Wales, that would be your continued focus.

Whether you’re employed by USW or PSS, we’re all part of the same USW community, working towards the same goal:

Making Tomorrow Better.

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