USW to host Space to Learn Camp for teenagers


The University of South Wales (USW) will be the host of the first week-long Space to Learn Camp this summer.

The event, which will be run in partnership with the National Space Academy (NSA), will be held at USW’s Treforest Campus between 24 and 28 June and is aimed at students who have completed their GCSEs.

The Camp will aim to teach those attending about key areas of the space sector, the career options available to them, and improve their STEM skills, and social and emotional learning.

“Each day will have a different theme and students will complete an overarching project throughout the week to tie in what they’ve learnt earlier in the day with some key business skills,” said Em Truman, Regional Officer for Wales at the NSA.

The themes will include Looking Up, Our Earth Under Threat, Satellites, Rockets, and Survival In Space.

“The Space to Learn programme will also include links to the local area and the local space sector, will aim to remove barriers to accessing these types of events, and work with students who may not have the opportunity to experience this type of learning.” said Dr Leshan Uggalla, Senior Lecturer at USW.

“We would like to work with the families of those attending this event where possible to provide context to what their children are learning and increase awareness of the space sector. We are thrilled to engage in this partnership with the NSA. The event will foster a vibrant space culture within the region and provide an exciting opportunity for students passionate about space to participate.”

Lynne Neagle, the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Education, said: “It is great that the University of South Wales and the National Space Academy have worked together to run the Space to Learn Camp. It presents an exciting chance for learners to explore the space sector, enhance their STEM skills, and be introduced to options available to them.

“STEM plays an important role in Wales and every child deserves access to enriching opportunities such as these. By USW and NSA aiming to remove barriers, more learners will have the chance to discover their passions and believe that a future career in STEM is for them.”

Marianne Shelton, of the UK Space Agency, said: “The UK Space Agency is proud to support the National Space Academy launch its first space camp in Wales, in partnership with the University of South Wales.

“We want all young people across the UK to have opportunities to foster their curiosity, knowledge and skills in STEM and explore where a career in space could lead for them. We’re excited to be able to help young people in South Wales realise what the space sector can offer them.”

Dr Paul Davies, Dean of USW’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be hosting the Space to Learn Camp this year. At USW, as a leading provider of STEM education, we are perfectly placed to give those interested in the space sector a glimpse of the huge number of careers available and help them to achieve their full potential.”

David Wilkinson, General Manager at the NSA, said: “There has never been a more important time to enthuse the next generation in the STEM subjects. Using the space context we can educate and inspire the young people we need to solve the problems facing the world today.”