Publications and policies

The University produces a range of key policies and publications to support and inform our research, teaching and professional activities, and provide updates on the University's activities and performance. 

Our publications, which are available to download, include our Financial Statements and Annual Review, and our Fee and Access Plans.

reading annual reviews

Financial Statements and Annual Review

Our Financial Statements and Annual Review reflect on the previous academic year and include the  governance arrangements and some of our recent achievements, successes and developments.

The publication also includes an overview of our financial performance, including statements on income and expenditure, explaining the main trends and factors likely to affect our future performance and position.

A Glance at USW's Finances

Fee and Access Plan

Under the Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015, the University is required to develop a Fee and Access Plan each year.

The plan sets out the activities we will deliver to ensure equality of opportunity and fair access for groups that are under-represented in higher education.

Research Wales Innovation Fund Strategy 2020/21- 2022/23

Innovation Fund Strategy

The University has produced an Innovation Fund Strategy for the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), alongside a case study which demonstrates our Civic Mission work.

Download the Research Wales Innovation Fund Strategy 2023/24 – 2027/28 below.

Articles and Instrument of Government

The Instrument and Articles of Government are the fundamental legal documents under which the University of South Wales is constituted and conducted. They also define the sources of authority and responsibility within the institution.


Our University policies cover topics such as Accessibility, Equality and Diversity, and Sustainability.

These documents state USW’s position on a range of issues and includes procedures for compliance; helping us to achieve compliance with applicable laws and regulations. A number of USW policies are available to view below.