Subject-specific resources

We offer a wide range of higher education talks and workshops in a variety of formats. Sessions can delivered live, in-person, online or on-campus or in your school or college and can be arranged at a time that suits you. For a full list of our higher education talks, please click here. To book a talk or workshop, please email the Student Recruitment Team. 

With a variety of interactive sessions to choose from across our Faculties, our subject-specific online resources below will also provide a real insight into studying a particular subject at university. All sessions align with the Curriculum for Wales areas of learning and experience.

Online Financial Trading Room Simulation

Using our Global Investor’s Finance Lab simulation, students will gain experience reacting to price movements and news items relevant to a portfolio of shares and commodities. 

This exciting simulation delivered entirely online will provide an insight into the skills and psychology of financing trading.

This activity is aimed at students in years 11, 12 and 13. No prior knowledge of business or accounting is required. Please note spaces will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

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Field Biology Series

In this series, Technical Demonstrator Harri Little shares his expertise and shows how you can develop your field biology skills from your back garden.

>> Open session 1: Introduction

>> Open session 2: Starting your field notes

>> Open session 3: Sketches and taking pictures

>> Open session 4: Recording the daily log

>> Open session 5: Using smartphones to help make field notes

>> Open session 6: Identifying a Species

How to get into Medicine

In this talk, Dr Lewis Fall discusses the application process to get into medical school, and the alternatives that are available to you if you don’t get there first time round. The BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences degree at the University of South Wales is one such alternative, that will prepare you to enter medical school at a graduate level. 

>> Open session

Cyber Security Treasure Hunt

Cyber Security, Computer Programming and many digital roles require good problem-solving skills - test yours in this treasure hunt activity.

>> Open activity 

OSINT - Open Source Intelligence Gathering

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is information collected from public sources such as those available on the Internet. 

As people share more of their lives online, this publicly available information can be exploited using Open Source Intelligence . 

 Find out about this aspect of cyber security in this short introduction by Elaine Haigh, a lecturer in cyber security at the National Cyber Security Academy at the university of south Wales.

>> Open session

>> Open transcript

The Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things, what do they do and how they will change our lives.

>> Open session

The Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence

This session is an introduction to the main definitions of the internet of things and its applications combined with the different opportunities machine learning techniques offer.

>> Open session

Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic is an AI technique that can be used represent vagueness. It has many applications, including the control of machines.

This document provides a brief introduction to AI and includes a simple spreadsheet which can be used to experiment with a Fuzzy logic. 

>> Open activity

>> Open spreadsheet

Why Study Fashion?

Interested in Fashion and becoming a part of the Creative Industries? Join USW Fashion for the 5 best reasons to get involved!

>> Open session

Making Fashion more Sustainable

Using real world examples, USW Fashion presents 5 steps to sustainability for the industry. 

>> Open session

Narrative Driven Fashion Design (Part 1 & 2)

Storytelling through design and concept development.

>> Open session 1

>> Open session 2

Fashion Design: Raeburn workshops

Following the Raeburn brief, watch our academic create a cut-off shark and panda to commemorate Shark Awareness Weekend and National Panda Day @raeburn_design

>> Open session 1

>> Open session 2

Fashion Design Digital Resource Library

Our fashion team have developed a bank of digital resources, ranging from the design process, fibres and fabrics, sewing, pattern cutting, fashion history and fashion theory. 

>> Open resource library

Solving a Design Problem 

USW Graphics presents a visual, step-by-step guide to responding to a design brief.

>> Open session

Thinking differently by design 

Explore how design thinking can help us solve some of the complex challenges we face

>> Open session

Interested in a Career in Health Sciences? 

Within this session you can find out what makes studying health sciences different, what will be expected of me as a student? How do healthcare students, clinicians or professionals look at the world?

>> Open session

An Introduction to Protest

This session provides an overview of the key themes in protest history specfically in the context of modern Britain. 

During the course of the session students are encouraged to reflect on their own relationship with protest, and explore how protest is a normal part of everyday social and political relations. 

>> Open session

Interior Design: Things to do at home

A list of activities and resources to keep future interior designers busy at home.

>> Open activity 

Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical modelling allows us to understand and make predictions about real world systems. 

This talk introduces the concept of a mathematical model, and uses examples to show how to build models for real problems.

>> Open session

Dynamical Systems

In this session we briefly discuss the notion of a DYNAMICAL SYSTEM. This is a concept that crops up in many areas of mathematics, and we will look at a few different examples. 

During the session there will be opportunity to study one particular dynamical system -- connected to something called HAPPY NUMBERS.

>> Open session

Careers in Mathematics

This session will discuss the benefits of studying Mathematics at university, and the wide range of career opportunities available to Mathematics graduates.

>> Open session

Zombie Modelling 

Have you ever wondered how to model a zombie apocalypse? Wonder no more! In this talk we discuss the basics of building mathematical models and how to use them to predict the spread of zombies through a city. It turns out that we can use very similar models to look at how diseases spread through a population, which we do after working out how quickly the zombies are likely to take over! This talk uses a lot of differentiation and is aimed at Year 13 students.

>> Open session

Music Business Summer Pack

The Music Industry is facing a challenge like never before. Find out how you can have a real impact in the future of the industry, as it adapts to its new 'normal'.

>> Open activity

Creating Music on a Smartphone

>> Open session

Seeing: Training Your Eye

Learn to train your eye with USW Photojournalism.

>> Open session

Schizophrenia and Related Disorders

Dr Phil Tyson talks about Schizophrenia and related disorders. 

This masterclass looks at the history of Schizophrenia and other disorders, the possible causes, symptoms and treatments.

>> Open session

Forensic Psychology Masterclass

Dr Rachel Taylor's Forensic Psychology Masterclass looks at the diverse roles of Forensic Psychologists, what exactly do they do? 

Dr Taylor also discusses the risk assessments, interventions, theories and examples of Forensic Psychological factors.

>>Open session

Exploring the Public Service Sector

This session will explore several perspectives on public services domestically, internationally and across sectors, looking specifically at frontline vs. strategic issues.

Duration: 45 minutes 

>> Open session

Social Work Theory: Addressing The Fear Factor Webinar

BSc (Hons) Social Work student Becky Slater appears on a webinar panel with other UK students discussing social work theory.

>> Open session

Digital Competence Webinar

Hosted by Primary ITE lecturer Mat Pullen this session will help you to develop the essential digital competence skills needed to be an effective student teacher.

>> Open session

Welsh Language Revision Toolkit

Use this toolkit to help you develop and practise your Welsh language knowledge before starting the Primary ITE course.

>> Open session

Life as a Student Teacher

What to expect and how to prepare. Are you an aspiring teacher? This workshop will give you an overview of what to expect and how to prepare for the Primary Initial Teacher Education course at USW. 

>> Open session

Tips for your Primary Teaching interview day

In order to join our BA (Hons) Primary ITE course, you will be asked to attend a virtual interview. In this video the Primary course leader, Kelly, shares for her advice and top tips for being successful in your interview.

>> Open session

Visual Effects - What is VFX?

An introduction into all things Visual Effects. Taking a look at Visual Effects, where we find them and how they are made.

>> Open session

Visual Effects - Nuke: Project Mapping

We dive into industry standard software package NukeX and demonstrate the techniques used to turn a 2D Digital Matte Painting (DMP) into a 2.5D scene with a moving camera.

>> Open session

Motion Graphics - Cinema4D: Physics and Fun

Introducing the fundamentals of Cinema 4D’s physics, whilst using techniques within lighting and modelling to create entertaining physics-driven Motion Graphics pieces.

>> Open session

Careers in STEM

This session will showcase what an exciting future in STEM could look like. You will get an overview of the variety of STEM courses on offer at USW, and an insight into the support students receive to understand the steps they need to take to secure a future in STEM.

>> Open Session

Gyrfaoedd STEM

Mae'r cyflwyniad hwn yn dangos i fyfyrwyr ysgol a choleg sut y gallai dyfodol cyffrous mewn STEM edrych. Mae'n cynnwys trosolwg o'r amrywiaeth o gyrsiau a gynigir yn PDC, ac mae'n cefnogi myfyrwyr i ddeall y camau y mae'n rhaid iddynt eu cymryd i sicrhau dyfodol mewn diwydiant STEM.

>> Agor Sesiwn