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Wales Coaching Centre

The Wales Coaching Centre is a centre of excellence for coaching in Wales. We support the development and growth of coaches through training, qualifications, and our community of practice

At an organisation level, coaching can move even the largest complex business to a learning organisation with a culture that ensures individuals own their development and promote learning as a way of ’being’.

You can register for open-access courses, CPD sessions and our well-established annual coaching conference. If you'd like something more bespoke, talk to us about a customised programme to be delivered exclusively for your organisation.

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As an ILM approved centre, we pride ourselves on experiential, impactful, and quality programmes, ensuring an effective and engaging learning environment. Our programmes are derived from aiming to build your knowledge, confidence, competence and effectiveness as a coach and mentor.

Our qualifications at Level 3, 5 and 7 provide recognition of coaching efficiency and achievement of your coaching ability.

All our sessions are now delivered through our virtual learning environment, where you will get access to additional resources such as blogs and podcasts. The sessions are 4 hours long and will be as interactive and experiential as possible.  

Course Dates


Course start date: 22nd February 2023 

Course Induction: 16th February 2023 - 09:30am - 12:30pm

Course dates: 22nd February, 15th March, 20th April, 17th May, 13th June, 13th July and 23rd August 2023. 

Format: Via our virtual learning environment, 7 sessions from 13:30 - 17:30

Booking: To understand which level of course is best for you please make an enquiry to speak to one of our advisors. Or you can book here


Course start date: 19th January 2023

Course Induction: 12th January 2023 - 09:30pm - 12:20pm

Course dates: 19th January, 21st February, 21st March, 21st April, 23rd May, 20th June, 18th July 2023. 

Format: Via our virtual learning environment, 7 sessions from 09:00 - 13:00 and the final 2 sessions are observations from 14:00-16:00

Places on this course are limited, please book here to secure your place. Make an enquiry to speak to one of our advisors if you are unsure on which level to attend. 

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Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision seeks to provide a supportive environment where you can explore your coaching practise. Coaching supervisors provide coaches with a creative, thought-provoking, and supportive environment where your coaching practise is the focal point of the relationship.


If you’re already practicing as a coach we have a range of ways we can extend your practice through continuous professional development. Take your coaching ability to new heights with our Level 7 Diploma or our MSc in Coaching and Mentoring. 

In addition to longer training and qualifications, short half-day workshops can offer you insightful and engaging ways to learn and develop new coaching techniques. Find out What's on offer here

Peer Coaching

Our bi-monthly peer coaching events are group based, where our community can share thoughts, feelings, and knowledge to discuss with like-minded individuals. The official Association for Coaching recognises the peer-coaching event as a valuable CPD activity.

Our Network

The Wales Coaching Centre is a hub for coaching in wales and beyond, inviting your coach’s, training and practising, to engage and reap the benefit of the coaching network. Hop over to our dedicated community page to find out more

1-to-1 Coaching

1-1 coaching seeks to explore an individual’s goals, helping to facilitate making these goals a reality. Our coaches have a variety of expertise in the coaching field, so whatever the type of coaching you are looking for we have the right coach for you.

1-to-1 coaching is also a chance for employers to provide their staff with a creative, thought provoking, and focused support. Whether coaching is an element of your organisational strategy or and developing process in your organisation, we can supply your coaching resources.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is an innovative format for developing learning and sustaining growth within teams. Applied across all levels of an organisation, teams and individuals can gain clarity of purpose, grow together, form goals and action plans, to create high performing teams that contribute to wider organisational success.

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The above courses can be delivered through our open-access programme (virtual) or as bespoke programmes within your organisation. If you are looking to access funding for you or your organisation, explore our funding routes or make an enquiry to speak to our advisors.