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We cover everything from bespoke and accredited training through to our very successful annual Welsh Coaching Conference, which has grown year-on-year to now become one of the largest coaching conferences in Europe, attracting world-class keynote speakers. 

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Coaching enables individuals to become 'unstuck' from traditional modes of thinking and consider new perspectives. Develop your ability as a confident, well-practised coach and mentor with our ILM Coaching & Mentoring programmes.

Why choose this course?

  • Delivered by practising, qualified executive coaches and led by a chartered psychologist who has a track record of delivering effective programmes.
  • Our aim is to develop confident and competent coaching and mentoring practitioners who use a variety of tools and models to help their clients become 'unstuck'.
  • We are Association of Coaching organisational members and offer the South Wales and the West official co-coaching network events.
  • Bespoke advice on which programme will give you the best return on investment.

Next course intake June 2019 

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To ensure a coaching culture of leadership we can develop programmes to fit your needs and develop internal coaching skills.

Our tailored, in-house training includes ILM accredited courses at level 3, 5 and 7, introductory events, developing coaching skills and CPD events for coaches and mentors.

Our customers include:

  • Academi Wales
  • Carmarthen County Council
  • Arriva Trains Wales
  • Powys County Council
  • Companies House
  • BAM Nutall

Of you would like to discuss your needs, call Sharon or Kate to see how we can help on 01443 482482 or email

In common with many other professions, from healthcare through to therapeutic services, professional coaches make use of supervisory services for many purposes. These may range from continuous development and quality assurance through to a safe place to explore, learn and grow from examining casework.

The USW Coaching Centre’s experienced, qualified coaching supervisors can enhance the quality of your coaching provision in many ways:

·      You may be an organisation looking to outsource the supervisory support for your own coaches

·      You may be an individual coach, seeking supervision to develop your competence, reflective practice and self-awareness

One-to-One Supervision (1 hr)

Sessions available monthly 

This is a bespoke, individually contracted agreement between the individual and the Supervisor. There are no outputs from this arrangement, other than for useful developmental and learning purposes. The session will last for roughly one hour and the relationship that is established is entirely confidential.

£65 per session

To book email Sharon or Kate on or

Group Supervision (3 hrs)

Sessions available monthly 

Group Supervision runs as standalone 3 hour sessions for up to 6 participants. Members are welcome to attend as they are able, or need, to do so. This is not a regular, committed group set up, but one that starts each time with a contracting element to undertake, to respect the confidence and privacy of those attending. Members do not need to be from the same area of employment, discipline or profession.

£50 per session

To book email Sharon or Kate on or

About the Tutor

Mary Hughes is a qualified coach and coach supervisor with 12 years experience in the Profession. Her approach is relational, about connections and narrative. With an international background, public service career and degree in fine art, Mary is sought for her creativity and ability to reframe and challenge orthodoxies.

Is your organisation looking to create a coaching culture or programme? Perhaps you already have a pool of internal and/or external coaches and now want to provide support, development and quality assurance.

Our long-established relationship as the University partner for the coaching and mentoring profession in Wales, going back over a decade, means we have plenty of experience and expertise in assisting organisations looking to create or embed successful coaching aligned to the organisation’s strategic goals. Whether you are looking for us to advise, train or assist you in building a robust coaching provision, we would be delighted to have an exploratory conversation with you.

Contact us on for more information.

The Wales Coaching Centre’s research activity is intended to advance our understanding and evidence-base for best practice within coaching. We have several doctoral students, as well as a history of supervised research projects at Masters and undergraduate level. Current research projects include:

  • The factors predicting the coachability of individual coaching clients
  • Coaching’s impact on levels of motivation and aspiration
  • The use of coaching within education to build self-esteem and non-cognitive skills

Previously published research articles and conference papers have covered topics including executive coaching client attitudes to younger coaches and the use of critical action learning as a method for peer supervision. The Wales Coaching Centre’s director, David Tee, is also the editor of the British Psychology Society’s journal: ‘The Coaching Psychologist: The Coaching Psychology Publication for Europe’.

As the University partner for coaching and mentoring in Wales, we were very proud to be approached by Henley Business School to be the research lead representing Wales in a 51 nation research project, the results of which are published this year. If you want an insight into current trends within coaching in Wales and how they compare to other European nations, a free copy of our research report can be downloaded here.

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