Engineering at USW

Engineering Degrees

We offer traditional engineering courses such as civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, or more specialist courses including aircraft maintenance engineering and lighting design technology.

Professional bodies set the benchmark for employee standards and can unlock doors to high-level jobs. We build these standards and accreditations into our engineering courses.

Open Days

Attending an open day, whether online or on-campus, is the ideal way to learn more about our Engineering courses and get a feel of what it's like to study at the University of South Wales. You can book on to attend now, or simply navigate this page to learn more about Engineering at USW.



At the University of South Wales, our dedicated engineering facilities include an Aerospace Centre, which houses its very own aircraft, a suite of practical training facilities approved by the aerospace industry, and electronics labs supplemented with world-leading Renesas technologies. We have recently refurbished our civil and mechanical engineering labs equipping them with the latest computer-aided and controlled machinery.

Aerospace Centre

The aerospace industry has become increasingly competitive and in recognising this, the University has recently invested £3.3 million into its aerospace facilities. The investment includes a two-storey extension to our Aerospace Centre has added 1,000m2 of dedicated practical workshop and laboratory space for engineering students.

Engineering Workshops

Engineering Facilities: Civil

Civil engineering facilities include new laboratories for structures, materials and geotechnics. These allow us to demonstrate fundamental engineering principles and help you carry out project and research work. We test steel, concrete and masonry lintels, together with other structural materials, to improve product design and discover new methods of construction.

Electrical and Electronic Suites

Michael Scott, Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate

We have three suites that include an embedded systems lab, general electronics lab, and power and renewable lab. Our embedded systems lab contains 25 high-end terminals that run cutting-edge development tools that have been designed in conjunction with our sponsor, Renesas – the world’s leading supplier of microcontrollers. This sponsorship means our students are taught using the most up-to-date technologies and development tools.

Technology Studios

Engineering Facilities: Lighting

On our Lighting, Sound and Live Event Production courses, you'll have access to a range of specialist facilities at our ATRiuM campus in Cardiff's city centre. You will work in our television and sound studios, video and show networking laboratory and the University theatre, to put your skills into practise and realise your designs. We benefit from the proximity of, and links with many local venues, including: Cardiff arena, major BBC TV studios, Cardiff stadium, cinemas, concert venues, recording studios and world-class theatres.


Luan Al-Haddad

Women In Engineering

At the University of South Wales, we are proud of the staff, students and graduates we have in engineering. To celebrate women in engineering, we spoke with several of our outstanding women at USW to see what engineering means to them.

USW Rocketry Society

USW Rocketry Society

The rocketry society works with students who volunteer to take part in designing, propelling, monitoring and constructing rockets from scratch. Since it's foundation in November 2018, the rocketry society has designed, built, launched and successfully recovered 3 rockets, reaching 3,000ft - alongside winning the National Rocketry Championship 2018/19 - a huge achievement!




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